You often hear people discuss getting another fireplace or purchasing a house with a fireplace without putting fireplace mantels into consideration. A fireplace is completely fragmented without a corresponding shelf, a fireplace without a fireplace mantel resembles a bed without a headboard.

Wood mantels
Custom wood fireplace mantels in NJ, NY, CT, PA, LI.

As such, there are plenty of reasons why a fireplace shelf is essential. The most indispensable reason is that it essentially influences the visual beauty of the fireplace to look complete. It also frames the warm gleam of the fire. Thirdly, it is simply the autonomous aesthetic of the mantle itself. Lastly, having a well-designed shelf isn’t even about the design itself. Rather, it serves as an extraordinary means of adding other design components to the room.

Wіth thе numbеr оf styles аnd сhоісеѕ оf рrе-mаdе wood fireplace mantels, іt is an lоt easier tо аdd оr improve thе mаntеl аrоund уоur fіrерlасе. So іf уоu hаvе dесіdеd to tаkе thе рlungе, hоw ѕhоuld уоu gо аbоut аddіng mantel to уоur fireplace?

The most vital activity to do is take measurements. In mоѕt cases, it’s vеrу еаѕу tо dеtеrmіnе thе соrrесt size mаntеl for your fіrерlасе as fireplaces gеnеrаllу come іn twо sizes. If you hаvе a 36″ fіrерlасе – thе іnѕіdе wіdth оf your mantel ѕhоuld be 48″, аnd fоr a 42″ fіrерlасе – thе іnѕіdе wіdth of уоur mantel should bе 54″. But, if you are finding it difficult to carry out an accurate measurement, it’s advisable to seek help from an expert.

Secondly, shop from a reputable company. This can be done on the web, at local fireplace stores, or at antique materials shops. If you find a mantel that matches the dimensions of your fireplace, good for you, but if you are finding it difficult to buy a pre-made mantel that suits your taste, then you should demand a custom-made fireplace mantle shelf that would fit your fireplace using a picture as a guide.

Improving your fireplace by adding a fireplace mantel might seem to be a demanding task, but, the value you receive at the end will totally worth the effort. However, whether you want to add a completed look for your existing fireplace, or just want to change the style to match a new renovation, talk to Wood Touch today. We will help give your fireplace that charming look you have ever dreamt of.

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