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Whether you want a distressed Custom fireplace mantels, rustic wood mantels, or hand-hewn wood fireplace mantels, choose Wood Touch today.

As a leading furniture crafter, at Wood Touch endeavor to give our clients top quality fireplace mantels.

Crafted from the finest of authentic reclaimed wood beams, rustic wood, distressed wood, our wood fireplace mantels are all you need to add true value to the center of your home.

we customize fireplace mantels to your specific dimensions, colors, and shape.

Custom fireplace mantels CT

Wooden mantel options:

A Fireplace mantel shelf is more than just a piece of wood mounted above your hearth.

It’s the perfect accent you place in your home. The shelf is the place you put your most prized belongings and pictures of friends and family.

That is the reason you must choose a wooden shelf that reflects the design of your home.

The age of our beams and their lengthy history tells plenty regarding their solidness and unwavering quality.

The hand-hewed and roughly sawn procedures used in building these beams centuries ago gives them great attributes that cannot be seen in new woods.

Also, made from genuinely recovered old woods such as old-fashioned outbuildings and manufacturing plants, and uniquely processed into Custom fireplace mantels LI.

Our wide assortment of Custom fireplace mantels CT styles to meet your layout desires; from the local mantel to the more formal and contemporary settings, each style and designs will give a unique touch to any space.

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